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In Commemorating 60 Years of the 1955 Bandung Asian Africa Conference

Jakarta-Bandung, April 2015

The 1955 Bandung Asian African Conference was a turning point in world history.

It was the first time that representatives of more than half of world population, most of them were newly independent nations that went through a bloody struggle for national liberation from their colonizers, gathered to confer in their own continent. Like Soekarno said, “We are master in our own house.”

It was the first time that representatives of colonized and oppressed people united forces and stated their will to the domination and hegemony of their former colonizers. They rejected colonialism, domination, and exploitation in all their manifestations.

It was the first time that representatives of the exploited nations and those being weakened by the world order built solidarity to cooperate for their own emancipation and development and for justice and peace of the world.

It was the first time that representatives of countries, states, and nations of Asia and Africa inspired by ten principles which was called “the Bandung Principles”. The principles was their calls for the liberation of the world from any kind of hegemony and domination of one country by another; for a peaceful coexistence between nations; for respect of the sovereignty of all nations; for respect of the rights of each nation to defend itself; for refraining from acts or threats of aggression or the use of force against territorial integrity or political independence of any country; and for building solidarity between the exploited nations for their emancipations.

But time has passed. Now, 60 years after the Bandung Conference, we see with grim-faced the tragic end of Bandung spirit. Colonialism, even in its old face, never ends, such as what happens today in the historic land of Palestine by Zionist occupiers. Colonialism in its modern dresses still appears in many countries of Asia and Africa. Similar system of dominations—such as imperialist plunder, war trampling on sovereign countries, violations of international laws and universally accepted standards of human rights—by neo-liberal imperialist countries led by the United States of America persist till today.

Even worse, the countries who were inspired by the Bandung Principles 60 years ago do not keep their promises. Some of them even serve the interest of neo-liberal imperialist by joining its threats and aggressions against sovereign and independence countries, such as what happens today in Syria and Yemen.

We also see the rise of terror in the name of religion which is spreading fast across the region of Asia and Africa. Terror groups are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. They killed hundreds of thousands innocent people. They bring instability to many countries. There are strong evidences that those terror groups are tool of neo-liberal imperialist to cripple independence governments in order to perpetuate exploitation on those countries.

In those facts and considerations, we, the people of Asia and Africa nations, call and urge the representatives of the government of Asia and Africa states who gathers in commemorating the 60th Asian African Conference in Jakarta-Bandung, April 2015, to revive and uphold the Bandung Principles.

• We call them to give birth to the “new” Bandung Spirit against the hegemonic neo-liberal imperialist camp led by the United States of America.

• We call them to unite against occupation by Zionist regime on the historic land of Palestine.

• We call them to unite against neo-liberal imperialist aggression on Yemen led by the despotic takfiri regime of Saudi Arabia.

• We call them to unite against neo-liberal imperialist interferences and aggressions on Syria and Iraq, and any other countries of the world.

• We call them to build solidarity and cooperation between South-South countries for the development and emancipation from neo-liberal imperialist domination.

• We urge them to cooperate in fighting and eradicating the Takfiri-Zionist terrorist virus and all its manifestations in Asia and Africa.

Jakarta-Bandung, April 2015

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