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Public Statements of the Voice of Palestine and Indonesian Muslim Solidarity for al-Quds (SMIQ) to commemorate the International Day of al-Quds

It is imperative to us, on this very important day of the holy month of Ramadhan, to proclaim our solid stances in launching our struggle along the road of peace:

  1. All activities resulting from the illegal and criminal Zionist-Western colonization of Palestine, including land and water theft for exclusive Jewish-Zionist settlements, political and legal structures, displacement and replacement of native populations, privileged access and exploitation of natural resources, etc., are null and void, and should be dismantled;
  2. The unhindered return of all Palestinian individuals and groups who were forced by the Zionist colonial enterprise, with the active support of the Western imperialist centers, to abandon their homes and properties; and to exercise their inalienable natural right to acquire these properties back; and
  3. The total freedom of all the people of historical Palestine to chose the type of their governance system, without any coercion or prejudice.

Based on the positions above, we—Indonesian peace-loving anti-apartheid society—strongly demand:

  1. The Indonesian government not to involve in any political projects called “peace process” that in fact will deny the rights of Palestinian people, especially their right of return and of having al-Quds as a symbol of their national identity;
  2. The Indonesian government not to build any relationship with Zionist-Israel regime, because this kind of relationship—either politically, economically, or culturally—will violate the anti-occupation principle of the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia;
  3. The governments and people all over the world to implement Boycotts, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Zionist-Israel regime, for its incessantly crime against humanity, serious violence against human rights, and apartheid practices;
  4. The United Nations to readopt its resolution recognizing Zionism as a form of racism;
  5. The international movements and peace-loving people all over the globe to organize Palestinian solidarity as a part of struggles of all oppressed people around the world, particularly thestruggles of indigenous peoples for sovereignty and liberty.

Jakarta, 26 Ramadhan 1429 Hijriah

Voice of Palestine (Indonesian Society for Palestine Freedom)

SMIQ (Indonesia Muslim Solidarity for Al-Quds)


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