“With independence being the right of every nation, colonialism must be eliminated from the face of the earth as it is contrary to the dictates of human nature and justice.” (The 1945 Indonesian Constitution)

Native inhabitants of historical Palestine are people that are expelled and dispossessed from their lands and houses by force. Since 100 years to date the ultranationalist Zionist movement with support of some colonial powers has been doing this brutal ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. This act without doubt is illegal because violates the principles of human rights and international laws.

The miserable conditions of Palestinians under Israeli-Zionist occupation that has been incessantly destructing their ability to survive as well as denying their basic rights as human beings might resemble the sufferings that have been paid by Indonesian people for more than 350 years during colonial period. Therefore, there is moral and constitutional responsibility for Indonesia people to ensure that Palestinians will regain their rights and achieve their freedom as soon as possible.

Within the context of the conflict with Zionist regime in Israel, Palestine and Palestinians status under international law and international public opinion is clear. The United Nations Resolution 194 affirmed what have been enshrined in various bodies of international law that Palestinians have inalienable right of return to their native lands. This is an absolute right for them that could not be dismissed by any treaty or political agreement. The UN Resolution 181 also has guaranteed a sovereign state for Palestinians.

But tragically, all of those clarities have been discredited by the arrogance of Israeli-Zionist regime and the government of United States. For 60 years, the inalienable right of return of Palestinians has been denied by Israeli and US governments under the unrealistic grounds. A proposed state of Palestine, for 40 years, has been hindered by many impractical preconditions.

Consequently, it must been said clearly and without ambiguity that Israeli and US government do not really have a strong political will to obey the principles of human rights and the orders of international laws. Many what so-called “peace processes” are merely manipulative policies with their obvious goal to empower the Israeli occupation and prolong the sufferings of Palestinians.

There is no peace could be expected without justice. There is no end to violence as long as we do not finish the US-sponsored Israeli occupation as soon as possible.

Accordingly, we create the Voice of Palestine, the organization that constitutes the Indonesian society dedicated for Palestine freedom and the return of the Palestinians through sustainability agendas.


To promote the freedom of any nation from any form of occupation, imperialism, and colonialism.


To struggle for the Palestine freedom and to defend their human rights.


  1. To express the truth and justice for the Palestinians cause and to advocate their freedom and inalienable right of return.
  2. To develop the straight perspective about the root of the conflict over the historic Palestine for Indonesian people.
  3. To promote one-state solution through the referendum by the native Palestinians regardless of their race, ethnic, sect, and religion.
  4. To build the cooperation with any other organizations, internationally or nationally, those are committed to Palestinians freedom and their inalienable right of return.


The organization name is “Suara Palestina “ or “Voice of Palestine “ in English.


Jl. Batu I No.31, Pejaten Timur , Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta 12510

Telp: +021-7986561, M: +62-81315298287, Fax: +62-21-7991782


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Mujtahid Hashem, Ammar Fauzi, Ridho Al-Habsyi, Muchtar Lutfi, Nasir Dimyati, Saleh Lapadi, Ridwan Muhammadi, Fahmi.


Hasan Alaydrus, Abdullah Assegaf, Ammar Fauzi, Muchtar Lutfi, Mujtahid Hashem, Abdulah Beik, Hisam Sulaiman, Ibrahim Muharram


Mujtahid Hashem, Irman Abdurrahman, Hisam Sulaiman, Subhi Ibrahim, Anwar Aris, Fahmi al-Jufri, Husain Nahrawi, Rudi Suharto, Fahmi, Imam, Muhammad Maruf, Bimo, Rozak.


  1. To cooperate and build alliance in supporting and expressing the Palestinians rights.
  2. To contribute actively in our programme.
  3. To support and cooperate in our programme.
  4. To donate permanently and temporarily.


  1. Discussion, talk show, training, workshop, seminar, conference, and campaign.
  2. Bulletin, journal, magazine, and book publishing.
  3. Documenter movie.
  4. Digital audio visual production.
  5. Web site.


  • National and international NGO
  • University
  • Government
  • Parliament
  • Press and Media


Bank BRI Account Number : 21230-10002-45305 (Yayasan Suara Palestina).


Without contributions and supports from various people, we have limited capacity to achieve our noble objectives. Therefore, any active participation is eagerly needed.

May this tiny effort be blessed by the Almighty and God Blesses Palestinians freedom as quickly as possible, Amen.

Jakarta, November 2007